Monday, March 1, 2010

zoom zoom

can you feel it???

What an unbelievable experience!! I had absolutely no idea that going to a nascar race could be so much fun!! The power, the sounds, the      SPEED!!!

Rob and I went to Nascar with our good friends, Guy and Angie. We had so much fun. We went down on Friday, and stayed in a condo in Mesquite. Very nice place. I had to post a pic of the Andersen Pharmacy. Too funny to pass up. lol We made some good food, a YUMMY angel hair pasta with chicken and spinach the first night and hung out playing cards. Then Saturday the boys went golfing at the Oasis, while Angie and I went for a massage....unfortunately, and unbelievably, we couldn't find a single place to get a massage on a Saturday!!! So, we settled for pedicures, and just for fun, got our nails done. Neither one of us can have artificial nails at work, but we figured, what the heck. It was fun. I couldn't understand my nail tech and ended up with nails I didn't like, but Angie's turned out really nice. It rained a little Saturday, right when the boys were finishing up, but otherwise, the weather was perfect. Not to hot, not cold!!!! Saturday night we went into Vegas to eat. My friend had recommended a sushi buffet that we tried. I should have known that the word "buffet" and sushi just don't mix. It smelled so fishy, Rob and I ended up eating anything BUT sushi. Note to self: Don't plan to eat raw fish in a buffet setting. We wandered around Planet Hollywood for a while, shopping and taking in the atmosphere, enjoying having a break from reality. :)

Sunday was the big race. It was an all day experience. If you get to the race early enough, you have a chance to walk around all the booths (trailers) set up with paraphernalia for all the drivers. Of course Zack and Cole wanted some cool souvenirs, so we got a little something for them and Bryn. It was fun to watch all the people. Such a motley crew.  At one point when we were taking pics of each other, an older gentlemen requested a pic with Angie and I. Pretty funny. But of course, the BEST part was the racing. It was so loud, and so fast. Watching it on TV is NOTHING compared to the live event. I thought I would be bored out of my mind. I mean, what do they do besides turn left? Angie and I were hoping for a wreck...and there were a few minor ones...but it was still a good time. You can rent headphones that will allow you to tune into the converstations between the drivers and pit crew. That was really neat to hear the conversations and strategies. It came with a list of channels for each driver, so you could tune into whomever you wanted to hear. We all picked our drivers to cheer for. Angie picked the pink Kim Kardashian car (which slammed into the wall early in the race), I picked Kasey Kane, who ended up in the top ten, and of course, Rob picked Jimmy Johnson. THE BIG WINNER!!! By the time the race was over, we were all exhausted. It was a warm day, we all got a little pink from the sun, and probably a little dehydrated too. (lol) What a fun experience. :)

utterly exhausted by the end of the day, but

Definitely an experience to remember...

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