Monday, January 4, 2010

Zack's Big One, One 1.04.10

Zack's big day!! As always I asked what kind of cake to make, and of course, Zack wanted a hunting cake. It was a lot of fun to make. I picked up the animals at the farm supply store, and had a lot of fun crushing oreos and ginger snaps to make the dirt. The rock candy made a great addition, and the styrofoam trees turned out pretty cool! (although heavy)
I also made my first attempt at making a quilt. Zack has always loved the quilt Tyson got before his mission with the pictures ironed on. So, I thought, what a better memory than a hunting patterned quilt with pictures of family? My mom, Emily, and Jill all came over the night before and helped me finish since I was on a very tight schedule. Jill brought her mom's quilting frame so we could tie it and fray the seems. I definitely learned a lot and made a few mistakes, but Zack seemed to really love them both, so I think it turned out perfectly!
Happy Birthday Zack!!!

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