Sunday, December 27, 2009


Zack is in 5th grade. He is in Mr. Halling's class. His favorite part of the day is when the bell rings to go home! :) Zack is a very loyal kid. He will fight for what he believes matter what. He knows everything there is to know about hunting and guns. He LOVES to go hunting with his dad, no matter what animal is in season. Zack is a great artist and is very creative with his drawings and projects. He is great at building things with sticks, clay, legos, or whatever material he can come up with. Zack is also very skilled in all the sports he participates in and is very perceptive and knowledgeable about the details of how the game is played. I am very proud of Zack for his ability to be his own person. He isn't afraid to be who he wants to be. He is a leader and knows how to stick up for what he feels is right. He is the kind of person you want to be on your side.

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