Sunday, December 27, 2009


With the beginning of a new year, I figured, what better time to start a family blog? I hope to be able to capture many fun and exciting memories through out the year. I can't wait to be able to look back and see all the good times we experienced in 2010!!!


  1. Such a cute blog Jenny! I look forward to looking at your pictures and reading about your cute family! I am so glad that you posted that letter from Grandma..where did you get it? I miss her..and that was so sweet to read. It really sounded just like something that she would say, thanks for sharing it!

    I am happy that everything worked out for you and Rob, you seem like the perfect match!

    Love your blog, so glad that you started it! Good luck with it and much happiness to you in the New Year..make sure to invite me or at least keep me informed of any wedding info in the near future... :) Love ya!!

  2. Thanks Lauri!

    I have a copy of it in her handwriting. It seems like Aunt Sharon gave it to me sometime. I'll have to send you a copy. I think it was from her journal. She was so good at that. It's like she wanted to make sure we all had a little piece of her forever.

    Thanks for your sweet words, and yes, I am happy things worked out too. I'll definitely keep you updated! :) (lol about the "near future" plans. lol) Love and wishes for a wonderful new year to you and your family too!!