Friday, May 28, 2010

Ya man!!

Grand Palladium Resort, Lucea Jamaica

Island Vibes Catamaran Excursion....the sky was overcast, we had a couple raindrops, but nothing major. It was still so beautiful. Amazing sunsets on the boat!!! We went to an area that had caves in the cliff side. The boat anchored and we got out to snorkel. We snorkeled into one of the caves, and climbed up the rocks to a platform type area. It used to have a bar the locals hung out in, but Hurricane Ivan destroyed it, and it has not been refurbished. Pretty cool location for a bar!! lol It is said that pirates used to hang out in the same location. After we snorkeled, and were preparing to leave the area, we were surprised by a DOLPHIN!!! It was so fun to see it coming up out of the water for a peek. REALLY cool. After that, we went to an area where we went cliff diving. They again, anchored the boat, and gave everyone who wanted to jump life jackets and told us to swim over to the cliffs. Rob and I readily jumped right in, and swam over. When we got to the cliffs, we were told we had to leave our jackets in a pile and jump without. I almost chickened out, but ended up jumping with Rob by my side a few times. Rob went to the highest platform and jumped. It was so much fun, even if Rob's ear was water logged for the rest of the trip. LOL After that, we went to Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville. Once we walked up on the beach, we had SEVERAL people offer to sell us weed. We were so surprised that they dared offer, with police officers standing right there on the beach!! Anyway, we played in the water, talked with our new friends Bobbie and Christian, and had an amazing time.

Bobbie and Christian from Iowa

Getting ready to go out for the night. My ankles were so swollen!! I felt like an old lady. :(

Gorgeous florals all over the resort....

This is what I called "The Grand Staircase". What a first impression!! The resort was so beautiful. It was like we were in a dream the entire time we were there.

Had to get a picture of this guy. He was one of the entertainers at the resort. He looked like "Chad" from High School Musical so I thought Bryn would want to see a picture of him.

Then, we had "Chesty". The guy that always walked around holding two of everything. He seemed to have his arms at a 90 degree angle permanently. Constantly flexing. It was so funny to see the wake of laughter or smiles that followed him when he walked by. He thought he was "all that" when really it was funny to watch him. lol

This was the best beach on the resort. It was in an alcove. So the waves were almost non-existent. All non motorized water sports were included in the cost of the resort, so we had unlimited access to a lot of fun activities. We snorkeled, rode the paddle boats, soaked up the sun, and played in the water. They also had sail boats, and the surf boards with sails. We saw a big white crab that played on the beach with some of the other guests for a while. When we snorkeled, we saw pretty yellow, blue, brown fish and a small sting ray!! Lots of coral and rocks too. It was so beautiful!!
view from our room...


  1. Love the pics! They're gorgeous! I'm so jealous!! What a fun getaway!! Glad you guys were able to do it and have a great time! :)

  2. WOW! That place is gorgeous, Looks like you guys had a blast. I am totally jealou. Vacations like that make all the waiting worth it.

  3. Okay, Jenn! Where are the updates? :) Now that football season is over I'll have to keep in touch with you through your blog so you have some catching up to do. lol!