Sunday, April 11, 2010

Eggciting Easter Fun!!

Cole and Bryn went to their dad's house for Easter this year, so we dyed Easter Eggs the Sunday before. We had fun making shapes out of the cups on the table. :) I have always loved to dye Easter Eggs. I like to leave them in for LONG periods of time to see how deep and rich the color will become. Bryn loves to draw on the eggs with crayons and watch the image magically appear with the dye. Cole seemed to be more interested in making a green egg. He wanted to try to make a camouflage egg, but wasn't quite sure how to go about doing it with dye. So he drew camouflage print on the egg before putting it in the dye. . . looked pretty good!! :)  



Grandma Ann gave Brynlee an Easter Bunny House making kit for her birthday. She has been so "egg-cited" for Easter to come so we could put it all together. I liked that the house was already constructed, we just had to decorate it. :) So the Friday before Easter, after school, we went to work. Of course Bryn got her feelings hurt at one point when the boys didn't like her decorating ideas. She pouted for a minute, until I reminded the boys it was actually HER bunny house and she was kind enough to let them join her in decorating it....:) After that, Bryn was the lead project designer....something I think she is VERY good at. The girl has some vision!!! The boys surprisingly actually became quite pleased to discover that the window they considered too girlie shaped like a flower, was in fact a secret agent spy window that the Easter Bunny uses to monitor for those who try to discover, and possibly uncover her secret identity. The window also doubles as the perfect escape route through the back of the house should some unexpected and naughty guests appear to reveal the secret residence of the infamous Easter Bunny! 

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